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Memorable – Liveable – Viable


We are a planning, regeneration & local
economic development consultancy

How can we help you?

We always start with a question. How can we help you make your place more memorable, liveable and viable? Take for example

  • memorable – places that feel inclusive and vibrant
  • liveable – places that work for those who live and use them
  • viable – places that support sustainable growth and enterprise

Our team of built environment professionals and place shapers are socially engaged and work to improve the well-being of future generations. We are also committed to the principles of co-design whilst working with our clients from across all sectors – public, private and the third sector.

Do our ideas help make a difference? Yes. Our ideas are frequently approved, influence policy, attract funding, launch or get built. And we know all about deliverability because we invest our own time and funds into the type of projects and initiatives, we encourage others to go and do.

So back to that question. How can we help you?


What We Do

• Towns & cities
• Neighbourhoods
• Planning & development
• Economic strategy
• Well-being
• Cycling & leisure
• Co-working

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