We always start with a question.

How can we help you make your place more memorable, liveable and viable?

Our best work is not only read in a report or visualised in a coloured drawing, a planning and regeneration practice's best work is also found in its strategic thinking, creative ideas and sound judgements. We know this because our ideas make a difference, are adopted, approved, attract funding, or get built.

We do our research…

Whilst creativity and innovation are both important to us, we always complete our research and speak to the right people before using our experience to identify what is realistic and deliverable to match our client’s needs.

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So back to that question. How can we help you?

We undertake research, test feasibility, prepare strategies and masterplans, review and write policy, achieve planning permissions, manage stakeholder and community consultations, attract funding and project manage.

Owen Davies

Director at Owen Davies Consulting Ltd

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Who is Owen Davies?

It should come as no surprise that Owen is the owner and founder of Owen Davies Consulting Ltd, but he also an experienced practitioner of planning, regeneration and local economic development.

Owen runs all aspect of the practice – maintaining great client relations, initiating projects and managing each one through to completion, financial management, lead creative and making the coffee.

With 20 years’ experience in both technical and leadership roles for public authorities and multinational consultancies, his work has included projects located across England, Wales and the Carribbean. This regularly includes regeneration initiatives, economic strategies, development proposals and masterplans for towns and cities, neighbourhoods, industrial centres, waterfronts, sensitive and high security estates, cycling facilities and tourism destinations.

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