Our Values

Meet Steve...

This is Steve, our client, smartening up a rundown children's playground.

We were busy taking pictures, as well as helping with the painting, it’s the type of good thing that we do. Our values and corporate social responsibility policy covers our people, our environment and our community. We have made a start by giving several days of our time back to the communities where we work by volunteering and participating with initiatives such as Give and Gain days.

Friends of Gunter Mansion, Abergavenny

“Each year we attend the local school’s careers fair to help teachers and students gain an understanding of what town planning and regeneration is and how they can get involved.”

Not to mention...

We also undertake pro bono activity where we can help a passionate group or community develop their own project ideas.

Our local community is important to us, too, which is why we use local suppliers, spend time visiting schools, and offer work experience to help inspire the next generation of place makers.

Let's be honest...

We know we can’t save the world by ourselves, but we genuinely believe in sustainability and doing our bit.

Forget the wordy definitions of sustainability, we simply believe in ensuring our actions help to ensure there is enough for everyone forever. We recycle all paper and printer consumables, and save energy by turning off equipment when not in use. Although friendly, sociable individuals, we keep travel to a minimum, use the train and cycle instead of using a car. We love the opportunity to go cycling!