We help stakeholders – town councils, local authorities, businesses, and community groups – explore and plan for how technology and data can help their place to thrive.

Services include

  • Strategic digital reviews
  • Digital place assessment
  • Digital Placemaking Plans

Digital placemaking is a new way of thinking about places in a data-driven world. It ensures the social, cultural, environmental, and economic goals of an area are thought of and designed with technology and data in mind.

Digital placemaking helps local authorities, developers, businesses, and communities to consider the opportunities provided by digital and data when working to create more successful, liveable and attractive places.

Fundamentally, it helps stakeholders work out how best to collect, analyse and share high-quality data about their place, which they can then use to make decisions, whether around how to support local economic development, how to improve the management of the public realm, how to increase the efficiency with which they deliver services, or how to respond to environmental changes. Places in which this happen are often described as being ‘smart’.

The process of digital placemaking also supports the successful delivery of wider digital infrastructure improvements in a place by discouraging the adoption of often fragmented, expensive and unsustainable digital solutions that do not address a place’s specific strengths and weaknesses.

And, last but by no means least, adopting a digital placemaking approach and putting in place a Digital Placemaking Plan helps places access funding, whether through the Digital Towns intervention within the Transforming Towns Placemaking Grant framework, the UK Shared Prosperity Fund or elsewhere.


“Your user-friendly Digital Placemaking Plan took a pragmatic short-term view identifying the immediate and affordable actions that helped us build our confidence and understanding of digital”

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