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November 2021

Piloting a SMART town plan

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Imagine the same technology found on your phone helping to transform a town centre and business performance?

Smart Towns Cymru is a Welsh Government initiative to support the revitalisation of town centres. The aim is to connect businesses with the digital data and technology they need to better understand their customers, the users of the town and how the centre can be better managed.

The Year of SMART Towns is closely aligned with the Welsh Government’s Transforming Towns agenda and wider funding for town centres. Owen Davies Consulting is working with Smart Towns Cymru led by Menter Môn and Clive Davies, who has driven the adoption of SMART technology in Cardigan, to pilot a place-based approach to exploring with businesses the idea of creating a Smart Town Plan pilot for Abergavenny town centre.

A particular focus of the pilot is to raise awareness and understanding of smart towns. The pilot is not about businesses needing to understand the technology, it’s about providing a greater appreciation that better quality digitally sourced information can help businesses grow. Businesses in Smart Towns in Wales are already using smart data to simply inform their staffing, stock, opening hours, marketing etc.

The first step is to produce a Smart Action Plan for Abergavenny that prioritises opportunities and challenges in the town centre with the potential for smart solutions. Potential funding could be available for towns with a Smart Action Plan to implement the ideas identified by businesses.

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